About FreeDeeBloke

Born in the early 1970's, FreeDeeBloke had an interest in art and music from a very early age. Over the last 3 decades he has been involved in several areas of the art, design and music industries.

Starting out as a rookie graffiti artist, it was soon realised that as much as he loved the art form, it was too risky as a hobby and so focused his ideas to the digital world, where he found new interests in 3D modelling and animation as well as web and graphic design, eventually making a living by working freelance for various clients large and small, from 3D animated intro's for corporate videos and full page advert designs for magazines, to websites for small businesses.

In 2010, FreeDeeBloke took a back seat on the digital world and turned his eye to painting, initially using traditional means but then adding airbrushing to the list of other skills aqquired over the years. While digital art and photography remain a day to day part of his working life, the more tactile "hands on" art he creates will be the main focus of his work for the forseeable future......